Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create an account

Very easy stranger. Just click on Register, enter your details, activate your account by clicking on the link received by email and start your cowboy’s training!

2. Can I have more than one account?

A good cowboy is a reasonable cowboy. We cannot allow you to have more than one account unfortunately. Shall a person of your household wish to join us too, you will need to inform our Howdy Team before the first deposit and verify your account before we can allow you to play with us. Please note that in case of any bonus abuse, we will void any winning resulting for the abuse and close the accounts.

3. Can I play from my country?

By clicking on our Terms & Conditions, you will find the list of countries which are restricted. If you do not see your country in this list, then what are you waiting for cowboy? Sign up straight away! 

4. I did not receive the activation email

If after checking carefully your inbox and spams you can’t find your activation email, please contact our Howdy Team, they will be able to activate your account manually after they ask you a couple of security questions.

5. I forgot my password, what should I do?

Even the most experienced cowboy can have a little blackout, to retrieve your password, click on the Forgot password button near the Log In area or contact directly our Howdy Team.

6. I am under 18, can I play?

Now, there is better things to do than being on this website if you are under 18 tenderfoot. Close this page and come back when you got your first cowboy hat! It is absolutely not authorized to play with us if you have not reached the legal age (depending on your country legislation, it can also be 21).

7. I don’t want to receive emails anymore, how can I deactivate them?

Tired of hearing from us? Simply click on the Unsubscribe link you will find at the end of all our promotional emails. But if you prefer, you can select to receive our Promotion news through your mobile – a good cowboy is an informed cowboy.

8. How can I verify my account?

Feeling close to the gold mine? Don’t wait and send us your documents so we can verify your account and pay your winnings faster! In order to verify your account, please send the following list of documents to [email protected]:

  • A copy of a valid ID (ID, passport or driving licence)
  • A recent bill that contains your current address and full name
    Mobile services bills, private insurance or payslips are not accepted.
    Bills can be proof as long as they are for fixed services, containing name and address as registered in player's casino account.

+ IF you are using a credit card to deposit:

  • A copy (back and front) of the credit cards you used to deposit on your account (you can cover the details as 4444 **** **** 5555 and the 3 digit code at the back of your card known as CVV)
  • A bank statement showing your IBAN, SWIFT/BIC code and your full name

+ IF you are using Skrill or Neteller to deposit

  • A screenshot of your Skrill or Neteller account showing your Skrill/Neteller details (email address) and full name

A known cowboy is a rich cowboy.

9. Can I change the currency of my account?

Once you’ve created the account, it’s not possible to change the selected currency anymore unfortunately.