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Spend your Points!

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At Lucky Luke, you gain points through your loyalty, but also with every bet you make! After accumulating enough points, enter the Lucky Shop and grab Free Spins or Bonus Money to play &  win more.


How to generate points?

It’s easy! You earn points with every bet you place in real mode, but also with Bonuses! Here is the table of points you win according to the type of game you bet on:



Real bets

Bonus bets

Video Slots: €1 = 1 Point

Tables: €1 = 0.1 Point

Live Casino: €1 = 0 Point

Video Poker: €1 = 0.25 Point

Scratch Cards: €1 = 1 Point

Others: €1 = 0 Point

Video Slots: €1 = 0.50 Point

Tables: €1 = 0.05 Point

Live Casino: €1 = 0 Point

Video Poker: €1 = 0.125 Point

Scratch Cards: €1 = 0.50 Point

Others: €1 = 0 Point


How to spend your points?

Once you’ve placed enough bets, enter the Lucky Shop and spend your points to grab packs of Spins and money Bonuses as much as you can.