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Sheriff’s Jail

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Oh-Oh I was expecting to see you here one day or another cowboy... this town does not like winners too much, didn't you know?

Good thing is that you are getting close the Ultimate goal, becoming the Lonesome Cowboy in town and reign on the streets and its surroundings Badlands!

No Four-flusher at Lucky Luke's… a spinning cowboy is a rewarded cowboy. 

The Coyote Spinbreak


Every Tuesday, make a deposit of 10€ or more and we’ll match your 5 first deposits with FREESPINS!

Boss part of that? Our Freespins are wager-free!


The higher the deposit, the higher the number of FREESPINS received:

  • Deposit between 10,00€ to 19,99€ => 10 Free Spins
  • Deposit between 20,00€ to 39,99€=> 25 Free Spins
  • Deposit between 40,00€ to 59,99€ => 50 Free Spins
  • Deposit between 60.00€ to 99,99€=> 75 Free Spins
  • Deposit between 100,00€ to 199,99€ => 150 Free Spins + 5 Nitro Spins
  • Deposit between 200,00€ or more => 50 Nitro Spins

   Let the Lucky Luke Spinbreak begin!