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You made it!

Friendly advice.. don't look at any of the Big Bugs out there directly in the eyes, they're mean...and rich. 

Now! Some serious business... I don't know what if you've heard but here, in town we have a special party every Friday.. Big Bugs only though. 

The worst Curly Wolf will be out tonight for our Special Friday party in

                               Daisy Town

*looking down at the gun* oh, I see that you’re one of them… Let fly then, it’s time for the dealers to fork over!

Ladies & Gentlemen, every Friday claim the boss bonus in town with our Street offer every Friday, one pick only cowboy, don't be greedy...

  • 1 X 75% up to 150€ on the first deposit (wagering 35x deposit + bonus)
  • 2 X 50% up to 100€ on the 2 first deposits (wagering 30x deposit + bonus)
  • 3 X 30% up to 90€ on the 3 first deposits (wagering 26x deposit + bonus)

At LuckyLuke, a joyful cowboy is a rich cowboy.