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The Desert
The Desert
Town Street
Town Street
The Saloon
The Saloon

Howdy Cowboy! You don’t look like the yellow bellies crawling around here… No need to show us your six-shooter just yet, we have something for you.  

Now that you pick your character, you already made your choice so go directly to the Bank cowboy, don't waste your time and show those tenderfeet who’s the Big Bug in town!

No leaky mouths at LuckyLuke – only big wins, time to fill up your vault!

Gimme that
#1 Lucky Welcome

Still no sign of tar and feathers on your cowboy jacket… Well, you must be a good one.

Here is our next offer, receive a purely Purdy 50% match bonus up to 150€ on your second deposit made at LuckyLuke!

Get a wiggle on and bring home the jackpot!

Yup! Gimme that
#2 Jolly Chance

*Avoiding eye contact* Well, still standing aren’t ya? The jig is not up yet…

Our Tenderfoot Package still has one bullet in its chamber! On your third deposit, receive a tar-free 150% match bonus up to 450€!

No time to chew gravel, those coins won’t get to your pocket by themselves, won’t they?!

Yup! Gimme that
#3 Jail Breaker

Burn the breeze cowboy! You’re on a 3-speeds mission!

No time for a break through your journey stranger, select your Pony Express match bonus up to 150€ on your first deposit every Wednesday!

We offer you a 3 ways choice, pick the right one!

Related imageFirst Class Fresh Horse – Guaranteed Express delivery

Related imageGood Old Mule - Slowly but Surely

Related imageUsed Boots – Might arrive one day… or not


Yup! Gimme that
Pony Express Wednesday

At LuckyLuke, a spoiled cowboy is a happy cowboy.

During our Nitro Weekends, enjoy an explosive 30% match bonus up to 90€ each on ALL your deposits without any limit…!

Dug for your bonus rifle now and make sure no jackpot is still standin’ up at the end of the week!

Gimme that
Nitro Weekend

Double your chances every month!

At LuckyLuke, a good cowboy is a tar-free cowboy.


Don’t let the desperados run the game, Top Up today with our fantastic 100% match bonus up to 300€ on your first deposit of the month!


Bring on your best game and move across town even faster to collect your gold!

Yup! Gimme that
Tar and Feathers Top Up

Cowboy, enough money spending, let's speak about rewards

At LuckyLuke's, you have one goal: climb our Cowboy Hierarchy to reach the title of Lonesome Cowboy!

Higher status also means better promotions & more rewards for you!

Open the promotion widget to know more!

Yep! Good for me!
The Wild VIP Table

At LuckyLuke's, each bet counts towards your travel through our Badlands! 

Every time you level up, you get rewarded!

But not only... each new world will unlock a new weekly promotion for your account! 

The seat of the Saloon are comfortable, but it won't make you rich.

Pony Up!

Take me around
Visit the Badlands and its new Weekly promotions

Let's shoot up this gold!

The more you play, the more horseshoes you collect. And - as any wise cowboy - there is a time to spend it!

Go now to our Lucky Shop and select your reward - bonus money or FreeSpins - and clam your due!

Pony Up Cowboy!

I like it
Lucky Shop

Join the Tournament and give yourself a chance to win a share of the incredible €1,500,000 in cash prizes!

Daily prizes drops and weekly tournaments will guarantee the excitement!

OK, Got it!
Daily Drops and WIn Network from Pragmatic